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About Us

Newtonshow is international science camp, started in Europe In 2011. It was started by couple, they noticed there young boy is interested in science, but at that time it was nothing on the market, what fits child’s needs. 

They decided to open the company, with first client – their son, company what can help kids to learn science in a fun way, engage and motivate them to continue learning after the course. They created unique holiday program to support this idea and were surprised that this approach became very popular, first in their own city, later in whole country and this allowed them to expand to other countries in Europe.

In December 2016 Newtonshow open first branch in Singapore, to make it first point on Asian map. 

Now company has 7 branches in Singapore, with more than 20000 happy customers. 

The main value of the company are kids, who comes to visit the camp, that’s why the main statements are:

  1. Leaning in a fun way, to make kids motivated in science, show them that it’s cool to be smart

  2. Provide kids-friendly facilities with high sanitary level. Camp held only in our permanent venues, so you can be sure that nobody will use same place before or after the camp, what can guarantee sanitary level.

  3. Provide healthy lunch and snacks every day, help to develop healthy eating behaviour

  4. Provide all additional help for parents, like every day video to understand what child did in the camp or door to door school bus to bring your child to the camp and back


Newtonshow’s main goal is to populace science among young kids (from 3 to 12 y.o.), give them skills and knowledge, they can use during whole life.


Yulia Marishchuk


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